Michelangelo's Influence On Renaissance Art

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PART1: Michelangelo
Michelangelo was a very popular artist in the Renaissance and still is today. He painted and sculpted many things including his sculptors of David and Moses. He also painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and took four years to fully paint. He included over 300 figures from the bible leaving people in awe today. Michelangelo has inspired many artists around the world in the Renaissance and today, bringing new ideas each generation leading straight back to the Renaissance.

PART2: Titian Titian was a painter in Florence who made many paintings. He was widely known around the Renaissance for his artwork. Some of the things he painted were Christ carrying the cross, Violante, portraits of Charles V, and many more. He sooner
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He found other parts of the human body that no one knew like that the heart was in a different place than they thought. And that he wrote a seven volume textbook for his findings. Many doctors have been inspired by his work and have taken time and effort to accomplish Vesalius’s achievements. Thanks to him we know much more about the human body and medicines that we can…show more content…
She read many books on literature and taught herself things. When she became queen, she married prince Ferdinand of Aragon, the other major kingdom in spain at the time. She later became queen of Castile. She then hired an Italian named Christopher Columbus. He went and found America for Spain to have more land. This caused Isabella to inspire many people to be hardworking and educational. Many queens have been inspired by Isabella and have tried to follow in her footsteps.
PART7: Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci studied many subjects, including painting, sculpture, music, math, anatomy, botany, architecture, and engineering. He had a special love for animals and made many paintings of them. Like Albrecht Dürer, Leonardo closely studied proportions. He made precise drawings of people, animals and plants. Leonardo made the most famous and one of his most well known paintings is the Mona Lisa. The rich effects of shade and color reveal Leonardo’s close study of light. Leonardo’s work inspired other great artists, such as Michelangelo. With his many interests and talents, Leonardo is a perfect example of the spirit of the

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