The Contributions Of Plato And Plato's Heroism

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Plato’s time which was the classical age of Greece, you would have encountered a new cultural hero Known as Philosophers king. During this period Homers Heroism (way of life) or warriors did not occupy the highest level of achievement rather they were replaced by new type heroism that encompasses knowledge and thinking, where society was not based on man and his actions but was replaced men of thought. This was the great transformation on western thought from men of actions to men of thought which Nietzsche called genuine antagonism. Nietzsche Believed like Homer that there is only one world and Plato believed that there are two worlds which has led to many Philosophical problems. Plato Academy which was first school imparting knowledge and wisdom would have told its students to ignore Homer Iliad and commit to Plato utopia. Plato philosophy replaces homers Emphasis on heroic actions with the importance of logos- Thinking and Reasoning. Those who followed this philosophy would be led by wisdom and those who love wisdom where philosophers. Homers world which was driven by Mythos god driven world was replaced by Logos – Thinking. Homeric idea that a man is homo natura was replaced by a man which is homo sapiens, man who is a truth seeker. Homer which only believed on physical world was devalued in favor of two worlds Physical and spiritual where spiritual was valued more that physical. Homers The Iliad, written over 1000 years B.C. is the story of the Trojan War. The poem is

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