The Contributions Of Shakespeare's Theory Of Christopher Marlowe

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In 1856 there was a theory about Sir Francis Bacon could have penned the plays. That the time Christopher Marlowe was writing. There was a theory that the had meet somewhere because the lived in the same time frame. Marlowe was reported die on May 30, 1593 after he get get into a fight drunk. People believes that it is a lie he fake his death because he was a Atheist and for the rest of his life wrote under the name William Shakespeare. Although that is a beauty good theory the most popular one is that Shakespeare was the Earl of Oxford. There was also a group theory that where many men worked on his writings. Many candidates have been proposed that he doesn 't write his plays because he was uneducated. Shakespeare dropout of school when he was only 14 years old he had attend King Edward VI Grammar School. There are every few document that Shakespeare actually signed. He had signed his and Anne’s marriage license, a three page will he write and two portraits. He also wrote his name differently on every document he has signed. Any people believe that Shakespeare wife Anne had wrote his plays. Anne had grow up in a wealth family back in the day Women was not educated but if you was wealth women could have get a little education. Beside the theory of Anne Writing his plays there was theory that Shakespeare had not like his wife. We the two get married she had been pregnant with their daughter Susanne. Historians believe that Jonson play a big role in helping write

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