Why Does Stalin Create A Utopian Society

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A utopian society is often defined as an ideal or perfect state. Stalin attempts to create a utopia through socialism. This would otherwise be known as a utopian socialism as he implements the sense of community as a greater good for the general population. Stalin makes one believe that what you put in is what you will get back in return. This belief would make one think that fair and equal distribution is the result of socialism depending on how you contribute to society. Not only did these stories portray labor to be easy but also that men, women, and children were healthy. “They were all healthy, strong, and agile, men and women alike. There were no pale exhausted faces no stooped or hunched figures. Nobody was dirty or ragged” (Zhukov 104).…show more content…
The states believed that the Kulaks are trying to derail them. Those who do not hand the grain over are now known as an enemy to the state. On the other hand, the peasants were angry and did not trust the state or each other. Often times, some peasants would rat on who hid grain causing a clash between both parties. The Kulaks had very little to eat and endured a great famine killing 3-8 million people, yet the state did nothing to help them. If the villagers are hiding their grain, the only plausible reason for that is the lack of food. Yet, the kolkhoz failed to realize the peasants undergoing starvation as they only care about meeting their grain quotas. The people of Russia were treated inhumanely as they were left to starve and face cruel conditions. Bubyr says, “Time to shut up, you rotten meat! Right now! Or else we’ll tie you up and stick you in the cooler to feed the bedbugs and lice. Shut your chops and not another peep out of you” (243). By saying “you rotten meat,” Bubyr suggests that the woman is a walking corpse just waiting for death to strike her. It is inhumane to speak to someone in such a threatening manner that the Soviet peasants are no longer seen as humans. In the eyes of the state, the peasants are used as
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