Arabic Islamic Influence On Globalization

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The Arabic-Islamic Civilization came to 'rise ' 200 years following the death of prophet Muhammad (Video). As the borders between continents opened, caravans carrying goods, ideas, Pilgrims and people gathered to trade and exchange knowledge (Video). Within the city of Baghdad, was a building called the "House of Wisdom", a place where various peoples from different cultures and religious backgrounds such as Jewish, Christian, and Muslim gathered from all over the empire to communicate ideas (Video). The Islamic world has significantly contributed and influenced Western Europe civilization through the sharing of remarkable information amongst scholars. For example, Hindus and Islamic scientists can be credited for the mathematical concept of Roman numerals, the scientific process, algebra, trigonometry, and astronomy, all of which are widely used across nations today (Video). Additionally, the Islamic world 's innovations in medicine are phenomenal as scientists discovered the study and spread…show more content…
However, many fail to recognize the positive Islamic contributions that have been made to Western civilizations and encourage to the ignorance that unnecessarily surrounds their culture (In class). By recognizing such knowledge and impact that the Islamic culture has had on globalization, conflict would decrease and would allow for mutual respect and an understanding of coexistence (In class). The discoveries and advancements that their culture has made to our world is significant and thus should not be forgotten when trying to convert those who associate themselves with the stigma surrounding these stereotypes (In class). If we continue to overlook the remarkable things that the Islamic culture has contributed to our society, we will continue to perpetuate ignorance and fail to appreciate the meaningful heritage that we all have in common (In

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