Compare And Contrast Lewis And Clark

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On the Lewis and Clark expedition, the two men had encountered Native American tribes. Nobody has been completely sure if they treated the Indians with respect. Meriwether Lewis, a skilled frontiersman, was chosen by President Thomas Jefferson to take the lead in an expedition where he would explore the land he had bought, which was known as the Louisiana Purchase. Lewis had chosen William Clark, a draftsman and frontiersman, to co-lead in the journey. The Lewis and Clark expedition began its long journey in May 1804. Throughout the expedition, Lewis and Clark had ran into Native Americans who lived on the land. Lewis and Clark were respectful towards the Native Americans. The explorers had gifted the Indian tribes to befriend them, treated the Native Americans’ health, and trusted the…show more content…
This suggests that Jefferson, Lewis, and Clark did this in an effort to befriend the Indian tribes. “Lewis had worked closely with Jefferson to ensure he was well prepared with Indian presents which included pipe tomahawks, sheet iron, flannel, handkerchiefs, combs, cloth, beads, butcher knives, pocket looking glasses…” (University of Virginia, 2) Lewis and Clark developed a routine when they encountered a new tribe. They held a conference, handed out the gifts, and explained their innocent intentions. Because of this, Lewis and Clark establish good relations with the Native Americans. “Lewis also knew that gift giving and trade were important parts of most known Indian cultures…” (National Park Service, 6) Lewis had apparently receieved a “crash course” in diplomacy and about the known Indian cultural groups. He knew that giving gifts to the Indians would please them. Because Lewis and Clark had gifted the Indians, he would receive needed goods and food along the way. Lewis and Clark not only cared about Indian culture, but also cared about the Indians
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