The Control Of Women In The Handmaid's Tale

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Most women nowadays do not seek approval from men, but living in the Red Center showed otherwise. In the novel, The Handmaid 's Tale, Offred lived two lives; one where she was free making her own choices and another where choices were made for her. Atwood revealed that men were superior and women had to play by their rules. Gilead was set out to be the worse when it came to men and women. The novel shows the way manipulation in Gilead lead to the control of women as shown throughout the actions of both genders. Offed and the other handmaids lived in constant fear and what ifs everyday. The Commanders seemed to have it all and the handmaid’s were little to none. In the end of chapter one, Offred explains, “We learned to whisper almost without sound,” (Atwood 4). Atwoods that the handmaid’s do not really have any power in the Red Center and they never will, not even the will to speak around higher gender roles. The Red Centers rule was surrounded by the thought of, if you do not do as told there will be consequences. The consequences are known as teaching the handmaid’s a lesson. For example, Aunt Lydia explains, “Why did God allow such a terrible thing to happen?” and the handmaid 's reply, “To Teach her a lesson, to teach her a lesson,”(Atwood 72). Nevertheless, handmaid’s were convinced that what ever happened to them was for a lesson, the people controlling them embedded that into their heads. Handmaids used and abused, physically and emotionally. Being trapped in the
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