The Controversial Issue Of Illegal Immigration

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In the present times, illegal immigration has been one significant challenge that America and other countries have been facing. Some critics hold that immigrants have been part of sustaining the economy in America while others hold that America has paid a great price for allowing the immigrants to the country. In such a controversial issue, politicians keep on giving their comments with general perceptions; however, from economists handle this challenge with rational arguments of economics and anticipate the net result. Texas, being the biggest borderline state to Mexico, has been significantly impacted by immigrants. Illegal immigration is explained as the act of moving to another country for the purpose of employment, permanent settlement…show more content…
“Of the people, the undocumented people living in our country, I don’t want to see them deported. I want to see them on a path to citizenship. That is exactly what I will do.” (Clinton) based on her argument these people are nothing but hardworking people who want to make it in life though she supports the presidential bid to amend the immigration reforms; she was against the harassment and the raids. “I strongly support the president’s executive actions. I hope the Supreme Court upholds them. I think there is constitutional and legal authority for the president to have done what he did. I am against the raids; I am against the kind of inhumane treatment that is now being visited upon families, waking them up in the middle of the night, rounding them up.” (Clinton) But let us assess the impacts of illegal immigration on the people of America and what can be done to deal with this…show more content…
With an abundant supply and no demand of labor force, the market faces the scale impact which in turn lowers the wage rates affecting the municipal employee more roughly. The municipal workers may suffer from both sides that is; raising unemployed as well as less paid jobs. Due to the immigration of high-skilled workers, the unemployment is expected to increase. The trained employees are ready to get to work even if the wages or salary is low. They are increasingly trained and qualified and cheaper to employ compared to the average American employees. Unlike the American workers, the immigrants do not bargain over the welfare compensations. Therefore, many organizations are likely to employ immigrants compared to the American employees just to lower the operating expenses to the corporation. Taking into account all these effects of immigration of skilled employees, the rising numbers trained immigrants will eventually pose a threat to the unemployment and a fall in wages in
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