The Controversical Impact Of The Mass Media

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The societal impact that mass media has is extortionate, with studies1 proving that that the average Australian spends half of their waking hours exposed to a screen, and consequentially exposed to whatever those on the other end of the screen want us to see. It is often said that the media is a dramatised reflection of our society, but the action and excitement are not the only things that are blown out of proportion- everywhere you look you are presented with the ‘ideal’ white, cis-gender, able bodied, young straight man, the ultimate embodiment of privilege. Where are the minorities? Where is the representation of well over half of the population? It’s out here in the real world, but what does it say about us when that is not reflected in the media that the world is so obsessed with? There are many sub categories under the minorities umbrella, some of which spring to mind quicker than others; LGBTQA+ people, people of races and religions that differ from the European Christian, women, elderly people and people suffering from disabilities both mental and physical all fall under the minority label, and all of these group’s representation in the media is well below satisfactory. We all need people to idolise, to inspire us, to remind us that what we are and how we identify is okay, as well as raising awareness and preventing ignorance. With a world on the screens that matches that off of it, we would be facing an incredibly different culture where differences are celebrated

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