The Controversy Between Abortion And Pro-Life

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In today’s culture, a main topic of controversy is abortion. Abortion has been around since the late 1800s and has become more popular through the years. There are two sides that associate with abortion, pro-life and pro-choice. These two sides show women the reasons they should or should not have abortions. Because of abortions, the debate between the pro-choice and pro-life advocates has progressed in the sense of intensity and has affected many women in this generation. Pro-choice is the belief that abortion is right because a woman should be able to make her own choice because it will only affect her. At the moment, abortion is legal until the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy. Certain pro-choice supporters are trying to convince people that until the age of four, a child is not fully developed, therefore it should be considered an abortion and not murder. In 2014, it was tallied that eighteen percent of all pregnancies are concluding in abortion. Pro-choice advocates give women a way out of facing conflict in the future by presenting abortions as glorious procedures. Although, after the procedure is complete many women feel have side effects such as: depression, bipolar-like mood swings, the feeling of something missing in her life. Many women see…show more content…
Abortion has caused a great deal of controversy in the world, especially the United States, because everyone sees life in different eyes. The two sides of this subject will never agree will the other because they only are focused on what they have to say about the matter than on the points the other side has made. This issue will continue because abortion appears to be advancing as the years go by, which is a sign of no extinction. Since the abortion debate will not cease, the effects of the contradicting sides will only developed stronger arguments to belittle the others opinions about the

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