The Controversy Of Banning Chocolate Milk In The United States

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Once upon a time, in a land far away much like ours. The government hatches a evil plan to end obesity. But how? “The answer is in chocolate milk,” they say. They believe that banning chocolate milk will not only help end obesity in children, but can help decrease obesity in everyone. What about banning chocolate milk in our country? Believe it or not, schools are actually banning chocolate milk in their lunches. Many think that chocolate milk is unhealthy, but they are all wrong! Chocolate milk is helpful because it has a very healthy nutrient composition, a taste everyone loves, and can serve as a recovery drink after exercise. Many believe that chocolate milk is just all fat and is unhealthy, but that 's not true. Chocolate milk is healthy and very beneficial to your body. It has a vigorous nutrient…show more content…
No one can deny that chocolate milk does not taste good. Since kids crave the taste, they will start to drink it more often. More consumption of chocolate milk leads to better health in children. Chocolate milk is an easy way to get kids healthy and more energy. It should not be banned. The last reason why chocolate milk should not be banned is because it serves as a recovery drink. Due to the protein and the nutrients, chocolate milk can help muscle recovery and help you cool down. Chocolate milk is proven to be just as effective as your average sports drink, like Gatorade. Chocolate milk is the cheaper alternative to a sports drink and costs ⅓ of the price. Many say that chocolate milk has too much sugar and can increase weight gain, but I assure you that chocolate milk is in fact, healthy. Chocolate milk does contain double the amount of sugar than regular white milk and increases calcium absorption. But with controlled consumption, chocolate milk will not increase weight gain and sugar will not stand to be a
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