The Controversy Of Ending Deforestation

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Deforestation is the removal of a forest or large area of trees, so that the land or trees can be used for a commercial use. Deforestation started because people began living in wooded areas; however, where these trees laid was needed for commercial purposes, like the area for more houses, farms, or even for the development of new infrastructure. Deforestation may seem as harmless as cutting down a few trees, but in actuality, deforestation can lead to the destruction of the world’s most valuable natural resource. The cutting down of these large areas of trees has many negative impacts that can affect the planet forever. Now, some may argue that deforestation is completely necessary because more land space is needed. More land space is needed…show more content…
Ending deforestation is the only way people can conserve wildlife and protect the forest communities as a whole. If deforestation is abolished, this would also be the quickest and most effective way to put an end to global warming. If a company has the power to destroy a forest, then they also have the power to save one. A company can do something as simple as applying a policy that forbids deforestation, which would clear up their supply chains by holding their suppliers accountable for producing commodities like timber, beef, soy, palm oil, and paper in a way that avoids deforestation and has a minimal impact on the climate. Also, anyone, from large companies to small families, should invest in recycled products, such as recycled wood or paper. According to the article “Solutions to Deforestation”, “Forests around the world have been home to Indigenous peoples for tens of thousands of years. Evidence shows that when Indigenous peoples’ rights to traditional lands and self-determination are respected, forests stay standing. But too often, corporations and governments overlook or intentionally trample the rights of Indigenous peoples” (1). In making this comment, this article shows that deforestation does not only hurt the environment, but it is also pushing Indigenous people out of their land. Ultimately, using more recycled products and eating sustainable food, people can all contribute to the movement towards zero deforestation, protecting people from all of the said…show more content…
Deforestation is greatly impacted by human activity that has taken place over the past several years, because humans have had the greatest negative impact than any other species on the planet. Deforestation also affects the climate, with a danger of having a greater amount of carbon dioxide than can be maintained for human life. If people start to consider the preservation of the forests, the forest can still be used as a resource, as long as it is used in sparse amounts and only if it is absolutely necessary and does not contribute to a negative effect of deforestation. Deforestation puts the thousands of species that live in forests in danger, because without their natural habitat and source of food, a species will not be able to survive. Deforestation puts a huge negative impact on the global life of everyone as a whole and sets up future generations up for a terrible havoc on the planet and the ecosystem. The future of this planet must be taken care of and given the opportunity to thrive. In order for this to happen, and for the future of mankind to thrive, deforestation must come to an
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