The Controversy Of Four School Days

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Going to school four days a week should not happen. It will ruin school forever. There should definitely not be four school days in a week because summer break will not be as long, School days would be longer, and we wouldn 't get many holiday breaks.
First of all, Summer break would not be nowhere as long. A regular summer break is around two and a half months long. Due to a four day school week it would reduce it down to only a few weeks of summer break. During summer breaks, family 's love going on long vacations to spend time with family out of the country or state. Usually a vacation last a few weeks. Do you really want your vacation to be your whole summer? With four school days a week, you would not be able to have a long vacation
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Additionally, School days would be exceptionally longer. School is already long enough if you ask me. Why make it any longer than it has to be? For kids who have after school practices or hobbies involved with the school would stay even longer. The Cross Country kids have to run in the mornings and they would have to stay at school for nearly half of a full day. That’s twelve hours. Adding to the time at school comes with less sleep or free time after school. After school most people have hobbies like like to playing games, sports, or on our phones, But staying at school for nearly half the day will limit us from doing that. That 's just no fun. Some people may say that having a four day weekend gives students a three day weekend to enjoy themselves more, but in reality, we are having less of a summer break, we are having longer school days which can cause stress in the long run, and they will have less holidays breaks during the school year. Having less holiday breaks during the school year can impact the us due to not having enough time to bond with family get together on a holiday or celebration. I would love to keep the school schedule the same and so do most kids. In conclusion, We should not have a four day school week due to how much our summer break will be cut down to, how long we will have to stay at school, and the amount of holidays throughout the school year we will not get off like we usually would. It would just make school even worse. That is why we should keep the school schedule the same throughout the school
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