The Controversy Of Honesty By Immanuel Kant

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This isn’t an easy process as others make it out to be. Now,I would be a liar if I said this writing assignment is pointless. I’ve been given the opportunity to voice my personal opinion; based on the topic of lying. Two choices were available and one was voided. I find it discouraging that i’m writing my intro a second time. What i’ve just wrote hopefully is captivating enough to keep my readers attention. I figured since my thesis is about my opinion whether lying is acceptable or unacceptable. If i’m truly going to be honest, I am not entirely positive about this topic. Truthfully, I was confused regarding this assignment. I was asked what my thoughts were on lying, and told to explain it in a essay. I completed a part of it, but was told…show more content…
If the results are positive and don’t create any negativity. According to Kant truthfulness is a duty which no circumstances can put aside. Kant always makes a clean sweep. He feels a person loses their human dignity when they lie. I strongly feel that kant sees things in one perspective and comes off a little closed minded when it comes to his opinion. Mr. Immanuel Kant is a German Philosopher. He wouldn’t be thrilled about how our society thinks today. He is absolutely at home with his decision about lying. I agree to disagree. There is something that mentions,” Any generous motive, any threat to life, could excuse a lie.” Even though he says this, he feels it's worse to be known as a liar than to tell a lie. I guess what he’s trying to say is lying is like committing a crime. Lying also becomes a habit a bad habit. I feel if the situation was initiated with a lie, then no good will come out of it. He said that all individuals deserve truthful statements. This is our formal duty to stay honest. In the end I would have to agree and disagree with Immanuel Kant. I have to admit lying can be an awful and hurtful situation. I will say that just because you may lie how and then it doesn't make you an ugly human being. It just makes you
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