The Controversy On Alfie Kohn's Rethink Homework

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A teenager gets home from school and drops their backpack, eager to rest from the long day of assignments. But the average American teen has about three and a half hours of homework each school night. Beginning in middle school, students must learn to choose between hobbies and school. Some students find homework consuming all of their time while others just give up. Homework has become a burden on kids from middle school all the way up to college and it must be exchanged for a more efficient system to help them learn. Alfie Kohn wrote an article on this and Newsela posted a picture, both of these sources give information about the controversy on homework. Alfie Kohn wrote an article titled ‘Rethinking Homework’ which agreed that homework is not beneficial but went into detail about what we should do about it. In this article Mr. Kohn says that we should “Rethink standardized ‘homework policies’”. It is also advised not to just cut down homework but make sure that quality is being chosen over quantity. The homework being given should be worth the time and actually have a learning objective. I learned from this article that we should try to join together with parents, teachers, and their pupils to …show more content…

It shows a girl with a lot of homework in front of her with her hands on her head. Her mother was next to her but also seemed frustrated and looked away, probably not being much of help. This showed me the stress that homework can cause for children and the amount that is being given to them. It is obviously hard for youth to do work by themselves without a professor to assist them and it seems to also be time consuming. This picture did not give me a lot of detail on how to fix homeschooling but what it did show me is that homework should be minimized because it is a hassle for kids and they often do not find help from whoever they may find in their

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