Negative Consequences Of Bullying In Schools

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“About 17% of students in America report being bullied from around 2 to 3 times a month or more with inside of a school semester”(Set Policies and rules). Bullying has impacted our day and age negatively. People have been affected physically and mentally all over the world. Bullying is aggressive, unwanted behavior that is in every school from the youngest age to the oldest, the behavior is repeated, or can be repeated, over time. Although bullying is hard to control, schools need to have stricter procedures dealing with bullying, because bullies can have many negative outcomes including impact on mental health, people's self-esteem, and it can lead to depression or even suicide. Admittedly, people can learn independence or self defense; however,…show more content…
Furthermore, “when a person is being bullied they soon develop distrust for people. As a child is growing older and are continued to be bullied and there distrust gets bigger and when they are building relationships with other people become difficult”(Effects of Bullying). Kids or teens that are bullied feel as if there alone so once they meet a new person, they would not know how to trust that person. Once a person can not trust another person it really affects their social life and there relationship. “As a result of bullying, some victims may isolate themselves, diminishing the quality of family relationships. Other family members may feel less supported or connected in response to this reduced level of interaction. Over time, this can lead to a decrease in overall closeness in the family”( How Bullying Can Affect the Entire Family). People can become isolated and and everything could go down hill for the person. A person does not deserve to live in a life that treats them like there trash and make them feel like there are not important. When people get educated about the harsh world at a young age they will most likely become sad and lonely, so its better to keep them away from all of it and stop them from becoming a bully them

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