The Cool Party Mom Rhetorical Analysis

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Society skews what society wants to hear. Things can be often mislead, misheard, or misjudged. Through the ages media information has been skewed and deviated from the genre. The text of ‘Cool party mom’ will be used, to show how it was deviated through the following of tone, and euphemism, dysphemism to skew readers perception of informational text for entertainment purposes. Text deviation can be seen from the first form of tone. When putting in place how tone affects or deviates from the genre or for what purpose it would be prudent to say for entertainment. One of the first clear cut examples of this would be in the title. The title if it were to be informative would not have such a appealing title so the tone is a bit more vulgar. another…show more content…
The last form of discourse that this essay will cover is dysphemism. Throughout the text dysphemism is used to really appeal to the reader and even make the headline story, and this is why the text that is being presented is so unique, due to the fact that it uses all three discourses that it wouldn't seem possible to remain newsworthy but it so happens that it is. There are countless examples that dysphemism is used. The example is mostly in the title, although this example has already been used it will connect in the end. Continuing with the example, the title says “Cool party mom, accused of” the word accused is loading and could have been replaced with a nicer word such as proof or seen. These words throughout the text are vulgar and really appeal to the reader. Another example is when a witness says “no respect!” this shows that the women is not nice and gives a bad vibe. There could have been other words such as she is not kind or something along those lines. So, now this essay has ultimately gone through the three ways that the text can be deviated from the text, to entertain
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