The Cooperative Learning Model

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2.1 Cooperative Learning Model
According to (Christison, 1990) cooperative learning is a classroom learning approach which is used to increase motivation and retention, to help students to develop positive thoughts about themselves and their friends .This helps to develop students ability to solve problems and think critically and helping the student to develop cooperative skills. Cooperative learning model is an active process where students work in small teams/groups, each with students of different levels of ability, using a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a subject. Students have opportunities to actively participate in their learning, question and challenge each other, share and discuss their ideas,
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• Face-to-face interaction: Students encourage and support one another; the environment encourages discussion and eye contact.
• Individual and group accountability: Each student is responsible for doing their part; the group is accountable for meeting its goal.
• Group behaviors: Group members gain direct instruction in the interpersonal, social, and collaborative skills needed to work with others occurs.
• Group processing: Group members analyze their own and the group 's ability to work together.

Cooperative learning model encourages achievement, student’s discussion, and active learning, student confidence and motivation. In cooperative learning model CO-OP CO- OP method is very useful. It includes of structuring the classroom to enable that all the students to work in teams with the objective of fulfilling an objective that helps other students. The students are the ones to choose the topics they consider most relevant and each student works on one of them. Within every team each topic is divided in subtopics which each of the team components must develop. They will later present their knowledge to the rest of the group, in a similar way as it is done in the jigsaw method. Assessment takes place at three levels in this method, coassessment of
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Usually, mathematics teaching is practiced according to this model. For example in teaching addition of fractions, the teacher will after demonstrate how to do addition by doing the sum showing all the steps on the board. This is the modeling stage. Next the teacher will ask a student to come front and do a number on the board. Here, the teacher guides, by correcting the mistakes with feedbacks. This is the coaching stage. Then the teacher will assign group or individual work. Here, the students analyze and assess the understanding level, reflect on the learning progress and compare their answers with other students. Therefore this is the reflection stage. Then usually teacher will ask about how they have derived the answer or solved the problem, so this will be the articulation stage. And finally the teacher will ask the students who have finished to find another way or method to get the answers. Therefore students will test their hypothesis in trying to construct a new method. Hence the exploration stage is practiced in conclusion of the

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