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Question : 1
On the basis of the case provided , discuss ES’s core business and SWOT , and explain in what stage of the product life cycle is the company currently located stating its positioning.

ELIE SAAB started his project as a designer at the age of 18, his core business that time was luxurious evening gowns and wedding dresses. In 1980s, he started to be famous for his innovative high fashion designs, after that in 1997 he participated in Alta Moda Fashion Week in Rome and this was his first brand expansion.
In 2002, ES opened a salon and a showroom in Paris as a new project which targeted high–end consumers and introduced his core business Haute couture including wedding dresses. When ES’s brand started growing in 2005, he launched his expanded actual business ready–to-wear (RTW) product line including RTW wedding dresses, which does not need same price or customized services as in couture. As the brand developed in 2009 ES started augmented business by offering personalized service to the customers’ needs started from taking measurements, colors, accessories to wear,..etc he even offers guarantee for years to repair any tears to the dress or exchange. Also. he started to create accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, shoes,
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It is considered as one of the few established brands in Haute couture for celebrities and royalty. For instance, the Actress Halle Berry who wore his dress to the Academy Awards when she became the first African-American woman to win the award for the best actress. Moreover, ES as the owner of globalized organization understood what marketing needs, so he offered branded products as his loyal customers expected in order to strengthen their identity and their image both on the group and the individual level and to attain them and to survive in the market place (Thakur, & Kaur, 2015). In addition, direct ownership of two flagship stores in Paris and

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