The Core Factors And Aspects Of Effective Communication

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Effective Communication
This module is all about understanding the best ways to communicate. To do this you must acknowledge many factors, such as what you are trying to say, who are you trying to say it to and how do you come across? Most importantly you need to understand the easiest way that the other person will understand you. Trying to balance all of these aspects is never easy and if one is out of balance, you can often come across in a way that you didn’t intend to. The easiest way I have found to progress is to make sure I understand how is easiest for the other person to communicate.
There is never a simple way of defining communication. Communication is all around us, every day. It’s not just about the way we speak to someone but how we do it. It’s not always about voice, but pictures, movements and sounds. Just a simple body movement could communicate something in the wrong way. Communication is the way you portray yourself, the way other people understand you. Oxford Dictionary simply defines communication as ‘The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium’ (Oxford Dictionary).
When I finish University I have aspirations to either teach or become a midwife, both of which have strong core values. Core values do not guide us with our psychical work, but instead steer us into making decisions based on our core beliefs. A group of people such as teachers may have a set of core values. These could include beliefs about

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