6 C's Of Nursing

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THE ROLE OF THE NURSE Nursing is a health care professionalism that focuses on any individuals for example for children, adults, disabled person and those who have other religion or other culture. It includes a range of specialties that varies from country to country. According to the international council, nurses must care and safeguard the public also practise autonomously and be responsible and accountable for safe, compassionate, person-centred, evidence-based nursing that respects and maintains dignity and human rights and includes the promotion of health. Professionalism and integrity must be shown, work within recognised professional, ethical and legal frame work. It is very important for a nurse to be confident and assure the patient …show more content…

Core values that form foundation of the nursing profession are • Altruism – which is to be selfless concerned for the well-being of individuals. • Autonomy – being a self-government • Human dignity - • Integrity/honesty • And social justice The six Cs of Nursing: • Care – Understanding the patient very well, falling into the patients shoes and showing them the impacts in their lives builds up trust to the patients • Communication- effective communication must flow between the doctor, nurse, patient and patient’s family to avoid misunderstanding or developing a more critical situation and for example, risking the patient’s life. • Competence – Known skills should be used or even shared with other staff members. • Compassion – Compassion is how to care through relationship that is based on empathy and dignity • Commitment – Being committed helps to improve the care experience of patients and also being ready to meet the care challenges. • Courage – having courage enables the nurse to decide for the right thing and have personal strength to innovate and embrace new ways of …show more content…

For example a health care profession team can be made out of nurses, doctors, therapists, where each of them will have a specific task to complete during a sugary. If there is no effective communication within the team, the patient’s life can be at risk and will affect the health of the patient which is an unsuccessful result for the group and the patient. All members of the team must be aware of the patient’s status whether the patients’ health is improving or not. Another example is The patient is recovering and is not supposed a specific drug anymore. The doctor must inform everyone that this patient should not take this medication anymore. Then all of sudden a new team member who is a nurse assist the nurse that fell sick few hours ago. Even the new member has to be informed of the patient’s condition so that the right amount of medication can be given to the patients. The lab technicians will also do some blood test to check if the patient health is improving from day to day or if it even got him some effect during the sugary. The therapist will have to do some body checks as well if some places were affected and what equipment’s will be needed after the sugary for the patient to get back to the normal stage of life. However, since it’s the teams and patients goal to achieve great well-being for the patient it is very important to communicate effectively within

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