The Corn Maze Short Story

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One day Fred Jones walks up to his girlfriend, Gina, and asks her if she wanted to go to the haunted house this weekend. But after that his friends Paul and Bill walk up to him and ask the same thing. So he has to go back to his girlfriend and ask if it is okay for all of them to go together. She was fine with it. They all talk the next day to see when they want to go and at what time. They decided on Saturday at 8:00, so that it was more scary. They should think about sticking together and never do things they are not supposed to do alone. As a matter of fact, all of them have been waiting for this day the whole week, but did not know what they were expecting. They all thought that the haunted house was going to be the scariest part of the…show more content…
They start running back to look for him and get lost again. They finally find their way out and Bill is still missing. They go up to the women at the front and Fred says, “We can not find our friend Bill in the corn maze. We tried screaming his name, but there was no answer.” The women answers, “Okay do not panic we will find him.” The women then runs up to the haunted house to get other people that work there and they go in the maze with flashlights to find Bill. They start screaming his name but no answer. After a while they start to get really worried, but then someone comes out with Bill and they feel better. When they were finished hugging and making sure he was okay they decided to go home. On the way home they all started to talk about the haunted house and how cool it was, but when the maze came up the car was silent. Bill now knows that he should have never wandered off just to go to the bathroom. He should of told one of his friends that he had to go and that all of them should stop and wait for him. He has learned his lesson and will never do it again. The friends also learned that they all should have been more careful about staying together and have grabbed a map even though Bill did not want
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