The Cornfield In The Lovely Bones

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Susie lies on the ground motionless with a big, older man lying on top of her. She could feel the sweat coming from her and Mr. Harvey. She could here Mr. Harvey grunting, and she could taste the sweat and fabric coming from the knitted hat that he stuffed in her mouth. In this scene, a 14-year old girl named Susie Salmon was murdered unexpectedly. Her somewhat unknown neighbor Mr. Harvey led Susie into this hutch and told her he just wanted to show it to her (Sebold 8). The strongest symbols that help develop the story The Lovely Bones are the cornfield. The sketchbook, and the gazebo. First, one major symbol that helps develop the novel is the cornfield. In the beginning, Susie the narrator says she followed Mr. Harvey into the cornfield, to his hutch. Mr. Harvey convinces Susie to visit the clubhouse, her soon-to-be grave. He says, ‘“I’ve made a little hiding space”’ (Sebold 8). Mr. Harvey’s intention the whole time was to convince Susie to go with him into his hutch, so he played her into thinking he has a secret clubhouse to show to kids when really that wasn’t the case. If Susie wouldn’t have followed Mr. Harvey into the hutch, she may have never lost her life. The cornfield represents the wrong turn. Next, the second major symbol that helps pull the story together is the sketchbook. Towards the end, Susie the…show more content…
In the beginning, Susie the narrator says she follows Mr. Harvey into the cornfield to his hutch, and convinces her to visit his clubhouse. Towards the end, Linsey saw a pencil sketch of a shelf and chimney, with smoke and the thing that sunk into her. Near the beginning, Susie goes back to the gazebo because she realizes the woman she was looking at was not her mother. So after all of this happens, Susie becomes convinced that Mr. Harvey has a secret clubhouse for kids in the cornfield, and that leads her to being murdered by
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