Coronation Scene Review Essay

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From the second scene, it mention about the coronation day for the Queen of Elsa of Arendelle. On the coronation day, Princess Anna of Arendelle (Elsa’s sister) went out of the castle to express her feeling by singing the song. At the same time, Elsa was feeling with nervous of the coronation balls. She scared her power will expose. On the road, Anna was knocked down by a horse which belong to Prince Hans of the Southern lsles. At first, Anna was angered by the clumsiness of the stranger but she quickly turn into her normal behaviour when she catching glimpse of the prince’s sharp looks and become smitten immediately. Both of them start introducing themselves and become acquainted. The coronation day was organized in a church, Anna stand at Elsa’s side during the crowning. At the moment, Anna saw princes Hans and giving a smile, confirming their friendship.…show more content…
Elsa rejected it kindly and introduce Anna will be able to dance with him. With facing the Duke’s excellent dancing skills, Anna could not hold back a chuckle, then return back to Elsa’s side. After that, Anna express her feelings that she hope Elsa can always be with her at all the time just like on the coronation day. Elsa has the same feelings with Anna , but she reluctantly denied Anna’s hopes. This can apply the denial defense mechanism which under the psychoanalytic theory, since Elsa denied Anna’s hopes because she was afraid that she will attack Anna accidentally by her ice power again and Anna doesn’t know she was attacked by her sister when she was a still a little child. Example like, the alcoholic often deny that they have a problem just like Elsa has a problem that she keep secure to Anna that she hurt Anna before. Anna was feeling very disappointed and walk off. When Anna walk through the throng, she was pushed by a big buttock. Luckily, Prince Hans caught her. Both of them start to dance and share all their personal things such as family background. They found that they have same interest and fall in love. Princes Hans and Anna back to the coronation hall to ask for
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