The Corpse Bride Character Analysis

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The Corpse Bride
The Corpse Bride is an animated movie that was made by Tim Burton. Most of his movies have three reoccurring traits to them. His movies usually all have a good story, a dark or creepy feel to it, a very unique style of original characters.
In the story of The Corpse Bride an awkward and nervous man named Victor Van Dort is arranged, by his parents to marry a woman named Victoria Everglot. During preparations for the wedding Victor because very nervous and a bit clumsy and accidentally causes some havoc. He then wanders into the woods to clear his mind. He then starts trying to practice and remember his vows. He recites them and pretends to place the ring on her finger by placing it on a small tree branch. From the small tree branch raises a slightly decomposed looking dead girl and you find that the branch is actually her bony hand. She says “I do” and believes that they are actually married. Victor ends up
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The film itself seems to have a dark color filter to the entire picture itself. The film also includes many things and places that are considered dark and or creepy such as a cemetery, dark and creepy woods, the land of the dead, dead people, and people dying. All of these things do contribute to the feel of the movie throughout the story. This is quite a reoccurring thing that appears in almost all of Tim Burton's films.
All of Tim Burton's characters in his animated films are very unique and original. They are all in the same style, but are all different in their own ways. I myself have never seen any other characters that look the way that Tim Burton's do. His characters do also have a dark and creepy feel added to them. His characters are also very easily recognizable if you have seen them before because of the unique style
I would definitely recommend this movie to someone, especially if they like movies that seem dark and creepy, but even just because of the
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