The Corruption Of The Catholic Church During The Reformation

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Before the Reformation officially began in 1517, the Catholic Church were not always peaceful or united, it was frequently criticized for its pride (both spiritually and worldly), extravagance and political ambitions. Many reformers tried to reform the ways of the church, but were mostly unsuccessful. The church was called many times to reform, and were challenged by the new ideas and philosophies descending from the Renaissance. These new areas of learning did not change the Reformation, but it helped create a climate of uncertainty and questioning, which encouraged critics of the church, to challenge some of its ideas. Many people also criticised the corruption of the Catholic Church, though they still accepted the church 's religious teachings.…show more content…
The Reformation was partly an outgrowth of the renaissance, and the political situation in Europe helped to extend the religious revolt that occurred after the Diet of Worms, because many local rulers (princes) wanted their own
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