The Cosby Show: The Influence Of Family

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Although many people doubted the success of ‘The Cosby Show’ when it was first broadcasted in 1984, it turned out to be the number one rated show in the next five consecutive seasons. The show depicted a life of a black family, influencing young people positively by getting rid of the prejudice towards African American family and by emphasizing the importance of good family and friend relationships. As it was one of the most popular shows during the time, a lot of people were impacted. Before this show was broadcasted, people had bias against black people being rude and uneducated. People also assumed that ‘family love’ did not exist in African American’s family. However, one of the episodes, Theo, the son, reveals, “If you want a doctor I wouldn’t love you less because you’re my dad…..Maybe you can just accept who I am and love me anyway because I’m your son.” This one simple quote changed people’s mind altogether. ‘The Cosby Show’ altered people’s mind with stereotypes against African American that they would use uneducated English and drugs and behave illegally. Thus, ‘The Cosby Show’ succeeded at breaking the bias towards African American families back in mid-1980.…show more content…
‘The Cosby Show’ displayed a lovely family with devoted and caring parents and responsible children. By demonstrating an ideal family, ‘The Cosby Show’ emphasized the significance of the family love.
Therefore, although many people questioned the success of ‘The Cosby Show,’ which was a show about African American Family, it hugely influenced many people by breaking the prejudice of African American family and by highlighting the importance of family love. Through ‘The Cosby Show,’ based on profound social themes such as education, family, and love, it is arguable that African American comedies have had a great impact on
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