The Cost Of Abortion

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In America, abortion has been a huge controversy for women. That is because abortion is the killing of a women 's baby during pregnancy. As harsh as that sounds, some women believe they have the right to abort their unborn child, and sadly they do. They are called the Pro-Choice movement. Although, religious or not, there are women that strongly believe that a baby 's life deserves to live no matter what, and they are called the Pro-Life movement. Never is it the child 's fault to be aborted and taken away from their life. Women need to take responsibility and matters into their own hands, instead of taking matters in the doctor 's office by planning to take a precious life away. The main reason why some women get abortions is because they…show more content…
A child is not cheap at all that is why most women go straight to abortion as their way out. Abortion is not cheap either though. If in the early stages, abortions will cost $350-$500. (Fiano) Of course, if a mother waits weeks to decide to abort the price goes up. Either way, if the mother keeps the child, one will spend over thousands of dollars on one baby alone because they need formula, diapers, wipes, and much more. Raising a life is much better than killing one. Aborting a baby is never okay or the right thing to do. Pregnant women need to know of the many options one can take instead of aborting the baby. If one is pregnant and not financially stable, one could give the baby up for adoption. That gives the child a life, family, and the opportunities of the world, which is much better than being killed inside the mother with no voice being heard. Another option could be, instead of settling for less, try to take matters into one’s own hands, get a job, go to food banks, clothing banks, and apply for governmental help. That would be a good idea to do if one would want a fresh start as a new mother. The most important thing pregnant women can do is give the baby a chance at life. No matter the circumstances, as a pregnant women, the consequences never change and abortion cannot solve that issue, it can only make it worse. Do not rush in and make a regretful decision. (Oates) Women today should delete the idea of abortion and think…show more content…
The future is what the people want it to be. Every women in America has the power to make a change. We all have rights but so does the unborn child inside their mother. Their voice cannot be heard but yet some people assume that the child is nothing but cells, not yet human-like, so it is okay to abort. No! It is never okay to kill a human being whether it is 21 days old or 21 weeks old inside their mother. Life is a process and taking a life away from an innocent baby is something no one should ever consider. Today, one will never understand why abortion is even legal and a new “helping hand” for pregnant women that want to get out a tough situation. People need to stand up for what is right and clarify that abortions are wrong. Sadly, abortion is gaining popularity which makes it even more heartbreaking to understand. Whether one’s child has a disorder, take care of it because if that was one’s self, one would want to be taken care of as well. Give the baby a chance to live a life that one’s self is living now. Life can be unfair sometimes but when it comes to who has a right to live, everyone does. Abortion should not be an option anymore for pregnant women. Life should be the only option for all unborn children, so that the child can be what they were destined to be for
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