The Count Of Monte Cristo Analysis

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The book the count of Monte Cristo was written by Alexandre Dumas. The genre of this book is both romance and vengeance. The story happened around 1880s and it took place in France specifically in a town called Marseiles. The author chose this place and setting to compare the social status of those who has power and to those who are powerless. There are many characters from the book the Count of Monte Cristo but the only main characters are Edmund Dantes, Mercedes Mondego,Albert,and Jacopo. The antagonists are Fernand Mondego, Danglars and M.Villefort. Lastly, is Caderousse. Edmund Dantes, the protagonist, a young man at the beginning of the book, but a count in the end. As a young man, Edmund is a very innocent obedient, and forgiving. He works for M.Morrel, the owner of a Shipping company. Edmund is also the love of Mercedes life. As a count on the other hand, he was the opposite of him being a young man. Vengeance and revenge is all of what he thinks of. With the hidden treasure that he has found, He bought a property and dressed up as the count of Monte Cristo. With his power and wealth, he could have a better chance of taking his revenge to those who have sinned against him. Mercedes Mondego, the love of Edmund’s life who became the wife of Fernand when she found out that Edmund is dead. She is also the first person to recognize that the count of Monte Cristo and Edmund Dantes is just one person. Albert, the son of Mercedes and Fernand, an arrogant

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