The Crane Maiden Analysis

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Both Auntie Misery and the old people in "The Crane Maiden" face a terrible situation in which they both must let something go. These two situations are not that good. One of them let go of Death and the other lets go of the crane/daughter. How, did both of these problem 's affect those let goers, we will find out right now.

In the two stories, both of them had to let go something. In the story of "Aunt Misery" she had to let go of death. The only way she was going to let go of death is by telling him to promise her that death will never come to her ever again. After she made that promise she let go of death and she could never ever die from now on. In this story there was a lesson in this story though and it was everyone has to die someday or at sometime death is just a big part of life and everyone has to die so they will be free.

In the second story called "The Crane Maiden" it was a big problem with this story as well. A man found a crane 's leg that has been trapped in a snare. A snare is a trap for catching small animals and birds. The man tried to free the bird, and he successfully did. Once it was free and the old man got back home
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