The Creation Of Meaning In The Film 'La Moustache'

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In this unit, we further explored the definition of meaning. Meaning can be described as the interaction between author and reader. It is the intended message that the author is trying to communicate with his audience. However, the meaning is not set. It is specifically based on the author and the reader's perspective of the work. Many times, the meaning is concluded from the knowledge we have already acquired, which leads to an enormous variety of interpretations of an author’s work. Meaning can also be created from concepts or ideas that are not present in the work being analyzed. The painting Nighthawks, the Oates poem, and the film La Mustache are perfect examples of the creation of meaning. The thoughts of the people in the background of the painting are not present, for the painting has no words. In the film La mustache, the ‘true’ reality is never revealed to the viewers, leaving them to decipher it amongst themselves. Berger’s view on the absence of these details helps to fully understand the idea of meaning and its creation Paintings are usually assigned a meaning or purpose by the person viewing the work. The ‘reader’ takes into account the things they personally see or experience and give it a context in the work they are viewing. In…show more content…
The film created uncertainty and confusion for both the audience and the characters. The simple title creates mayhem for the couple Marc and Agnès. They both have trouble understanding either of their realities. Carrère does not give any hint to the audience as to which is the correct perspective. The reality of the characters of the film changes throughout the entire storyline. Both Marc and Agnès have questionable realities. Just like the Nighthawks painting, there is not a clear story. Everything must be inferred from the audience’s perspective. Carrère created the film so the audience struggles to comprehend his way of creating
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