The Creation Of The Creation And The Story Of Creation

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The story of Creation began with an idea. God created the universe and from there began working on Earth. At the creation of the universe, Earth was formless, dark and desolate. The ocean covered everything from one end of the Earth to the other. Then God commanded “Let there be light” and daytime was born. He then went on to name the darkness “night” and from that, the first day had finished. God then went on to create the sky on day two. Land and the sea came next with vegetation on day three. On day four, He created two lights that were intended to help distinguish between the daytime and nighttime. These became known as the sun and the moon. God also filled the night sky with smaller lights that he named “stars.” God then went on to create living organisms in the water and air on day five. He created many birds and aquatic creatures and told them all to reproduce and fill the bodies of water and the skies. On the sixth and final day of creation, God created life on Earth. He created land creatures, and then perfected the human race in Imago Dei. He wanted them to resemble Himself and for them to rule over all kingdoms on Earth. He even said, “I am putting you (humans) in charge of the fish, the birds, and all the wild animals” (Good News Translation, Gen. 1). God was very pleased with all that He had created and that was the end of the sixth day and the conclusion of Creation. While the story of creation is straightforward, there are many different ways to

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