Augustine Vs Luther

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The story of Creation began with an idea. God created the universe and from there began working on Earth. At the creation of the universe, Earth was formless, dark and desolate. The ocean covered everything from one end of the Earth to the other. Then God commanded “Let there be light” and daytime was born. He then went on to name the darkness “night” and from that, the first day had finished. God then went on to create the sky on day two. Land and the sea came next with vegetation on day three. On day four, He created two lights that were intended to help distinguish between the daytime and nighttime. These became known as the sun and the moon. God also filled the night sky with smaller lights that he named “stars.” God then went on…show more content…
They were both held in very high regard by many people during and after their lives. However, since their lives have ended, many new findings have come out of the science community. Since Augustine lived in the years 354-430 and Martin Luther from 1483-1546, neither one of them could have possible predicted what the nineteenth century would bring to the science community. Charles Darwin was a geologist, naturalist and, most importantly, one of the greatest biologists the science community has ever had. Darwin, after traveling the world and gaining a great amount of data, introduced the idea of evolution. Though evolution to this day is still debated upon between the religious and scientific communities, it is one of the greatest and most compelling discoveries in recent memory. In the year 1859, Darwin published On the Origin of Species and the world would never be the same. He went into great depth on natural selection and how species could evolve over time in order to create an entirely new species. His theories would predate all ideas that God created man. The theory of evolution would explain how all living beings came to be and could explain life all the way back to just a split second after the Big Bang. Both Saint Augustine and Martin Luther were believers in the scientific community, but they would have seen these findings in totally different lights. Saint Augustine would have agreed that the findings by Charles Darwin were true and that the stories of creation were more allegorical than literal. Martin Luther would have been more headstrong and believed that Darwinism was more fake science that could not truly be proven. These two men’s beliefs are exactly where we stand today. There are people who believe in evolution and think the Bible cannot be taken literally, rather metaphorically to learn the lessons that God
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