The Creation Of The Monster In Frankenstein By Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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I would like to write an essay on topic #3. I want to focus on creation of the monster and the figure of the monster itself as well as that analyze the posture of the creature from a post-modern perspective and give an account to feministic writings, which were inspired by Marry Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. To give an analysis on how the approach to monster have changed due to ideas of transhumanism.
Inspiration to Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” lays in her biography. As she lost her mother after several weeks of her birth she thought a lot about an eternal life, then she lost her first child, which impacted her a lot, as well as in the novel theme of death surrounded Mary Shelley a lot and thoughts about ‘coming back to life’ intrigues her. The creation of “Frankenstein” may be coincidental as the atmosphere also inspired it, where it was written- Mary and Percy Shelley as well as Byron Claire and Polidori decided to write a ‘ghost story’. At that time, she had a dialogue with Polidori, where she said that ‘man was to be thought merely an instrument’(xxi); I will discuss this idea later in the essay. Moreover, the works of Erasmus Darwin and ‘galvanism’ inspired her. Therefore, combining all these ideas together, of course with the Romantic influence of the ‘Lake school’, the idea of “Frankenstein” appeared to Mary Shelley in a dream. In the novel, Victor is highly obsessed about an idea of ‘eternal life’, and he has no fear and no feelings against death. His desire to bring
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