The Creature Monologue Frankenstein

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Breathing deeply, I retched at the sickening smell of rotten flesh and pus. Looking around, I caught a brief glimpse of the creature that was stalking me. Noticing my stare upon it, the creature melted into the shadows as if it was never there. This wretched labyrinth was starting to get to me. Its ever-changing walls, numerous dead ends and unspeakable horrors were starting to irritate me. But just a bit. Every now and then, the walls would rumble and quake at the might of an otherworldly roar; prompting me to tremble like a little girl in my pathetic excuse I call shoes. The Elders had sent me- no, thrown me into this hellhole, jabbering on and on about how this is teach me a lesson, that I never listen to instructions and this was the last
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