The Creightons In Irene Hunt's Across Five Aprils

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*The Civil War affected many of the families in The United States of America, for it took away children from their parents, or parents away from their children. Some had to fight their own siblings, or even their own fathers. One family affected by the war in Across Five Aprils, (Author: Irene Hunt), is the Creightons. After the start of The Civil War in America, the family is torn apart and shaken by the “heavy shots” taken in war. Bill, though seemed excited for war, began to think and regret his future decision, but in his mind he knew it was right...on page 47, he says: “I’ve studied this thing, Jeth, and I’ve hurt over it. My heart ain’t in this war I’ve told you that. And while I say that the right ain’t at all on the side of the South either. But if I hev to fight, I reckon it will be fer the South.” [Hunt, page 47] This shows he is worried and regretful, but he understands neither side is completely in the right. This shows that the Author was very understanding about how not everyone was caught up in war times, some were still civilized. Unfortunately, Bill does not understand that.…show more content…
They knew that there were people leaving their families, some fighting their families, and sadly, many never coming back. But there were few who could overcome this war time and respect the individuals around them as friends, not enemies. The fact of losing a brother over something not governed by your decision is one of the hardest things to handle. This stress was piled onto by the losses of siblings, parents, or any family member, along with the biased opinions of many that were the cause of riots and beatings. The author of Across Five April understood how few Civil War time Americans were kind, honest, and willing to overcome their most deep opinions to support those who have suffered from wartime
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