The Cricket In Times Square Analysis

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1. The Cricket In Times Square - George Selden Every Saturday night for almost a year Mario tend his father 's newsstand. One day, he heard a strange sound. "It was like a quick stroke across the strings of violin, or like a harp that has been plucked suddenly. If a leaf in a green forest far from New York had fallen at midnight through the darkness into thicket, it might have sounded like that," he described. Mario slipped out of the newsstand. The next time he heard the sound, he went toward it, found what he had been looking for. It was a little insect. Holding his discovery as carefully as his fingers could, Mario lifted the insect up and rested him in the palm of his hand. It was their, Mario and Chester Cricket, first encounter. Chester 's home was originally in Connecticut. At there, he went off toward the smell coming from a picnic basket. He jumped in to the picnic basket and fell asleep there. He felt the basket being carried into car and riding somewhere. Also, he was taken to train, traveled on and on. the train stopped, as soon as the basket was carried off he could realize that he somehow arrived, New York. But Chester got on with many people. He made friends, Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat, and he was looked after by Mario. One day He played hymns, opera and Italian songs, Chester Cricket was the most famous musician in New York City. But he didn 't feel really happy. Life didn 't seem to have the fun and freedom it had before. A lot of the joy was gone from his

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