Character Analysis: The Cricket In Times Square

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1. The Cricket In Times Square - George Selden Every Saturday night for almost a year Mario tend his father 's newsstand. One day, he heard a strange sound. "It was like a quick stroke across the strings of violin, or like a harp that has been plucked suddenly. If a leaf in a green forest far from New York had fallen at midnight through the darkness into thicket, it might have sounded like that," he described. Mario slipped out of the newsstand. The next time he heard the sound, he went toward it, found what he had been looking for. It was a little insect. Holding his discovery as carefully as his fingers could, Mario lifted the insect up and rested him in the palm of his hand. It was their, Mario and Chester Cricket, first encounter. Chester…show more content…
Before they arrived there, they worked in Weed. But Lennie, a lover of soft things, stroked the fabric of a girl 's dress, and would not let go. The locals assumed he assaulted her, and ran them out of town. So, Because they had to get a job, they went Soledad. While they was heading towards the ranch, George told Lennie 's favorite story, the plan for their future happiness. The next day, they arrived there and began their work. When the boss asks about their skills and previous employment, George spoke for Lennie to prevent him from revealing his lack of intelligence. while working at there, Lennie caused trouble again. As he told to himself, Curley 's wife, Curley is boss 's son, sat beside him. He told about his rabbits, because the plan for George and Lennie 's future included that he raise the rabbits. Curley ' wife asked him why he likes animals so much. Lennie replied that he likes to touch soft things with his finger. Then she offer to let him stroke her hair. but he quickly became excited and held on too tight, made her feel frightened. When she cried out Lennie panicked and clamped his strong hands over her mouth to silence her. He shook her until her body was going limp. Lennie had broken her neck. After that, he realized what he had done and was worried that George would be angry with him. Curley was furious about that and then screamed he would attempt to kill Lennie. George went meeting place that he designated the bushes if Lennie encounters any trouble while working at the ranch. George thought that they have lived together. however, he realized that all of his talk and plans have amounted to nothing. They would live in themselves farm, George shot at Lennie that was the one thing that gave him a spacial sense of
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