The Criminal Justice System Pros And Cons

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Police have faced armed white people that were threatening to shoot and the worst punishment they were given was arrest. While the criminals were yelling threats towards them, the police were trying to calm them down and get them to put down their weapons for even up to an hour long. There has been similar moments with non white people that were unarmed and causing no harm but still the police chose to shoot the offender for the slightest threat. The police need to keep everyone secure no matter what without considering a person 's ethnicity. Police are supposed to be heroes, grant us safety, and end the day with justice. CNN recently held a poll on the public’s opinion whether the police in their area are prejudice against non whites. 17% of whites said they believe most or some are prejudice meanwhile 42% of non whites felt the same way. They were also asked if they thought the U.S. criminal justice system treat whites and blacks equally. 50% of whites said yes and 21% of…show more content…
A congresswoman of Los Angeles, Maxine Waters, is strongly set on the justice system being racist by saying that people are chosen over their skin color and it dictates what sort of punishment and treatment a person is going to get. Jesse Jackson who is a civil rights leader and the founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition says black are commonly sent to jail not because they are criminals but because of their ethnicity. At a presidential debate, Barack Obama said black and white are arrested in unlike manners even if the same crime has been committed. It was that same debate when Hillary Clinton said the justice system is a disgrace for imprisoning such large amounts of African-Americans compared to whites. ABC Washington Post had a poll with results that read 84% of non whites feel the justice system are discriminating them with inequality. All in all, whites will continue to see the illusion of equality between races while non whites continue to get in trouble all because of their skin
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