The Critical Analysis Of Interpersonal Communication In The Office

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In addition to being one of the most entertaining shows to binge in the background of daily life, The Office is considered to be one of the more quotable comedies the 2000s brought us. The show’s compilation of lovable and often stereotypical characters provided us with nine seasons worth of memorable tomfoolery, character development, and one-liners. But for the purpose of this paper we will be looking beyond the plethora of “Worlds Best Boss” mugs and “That’s what she said” jokes, and taking a cold, analytical look at The Office to determine what the show offers in regard to interpersonal communication. In the first episode we are introduced to the shows connotation of conflict as we observe Dwight Schrute demonstrating a competitive conflict style in his reaction to Jim Halpert’s solidifying Dwight’s personal belongings in a jello mold. Jim responds to Dwight’s confrontation with avoidance, demonstrating low concern for self and a low concern for others, with no direct attempt at conflict resolution taking place. Another example within the show can be found in scene from season 2 episode 21, sufficiently named “Conflict Resolution”, where we observe Michael Scott attempting to achieve a win-win resolution to Angela’s and Oscar’s conflict. The only true win-win solution to conflict comes through a collaborative approach, an approach that needs a high degree of concern for self and others, rather than an approach centered around exclusive concern for self. The flaw in

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