The Critical Problem Of Overpopulation

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Overpopulation has become one of the critical issues lately since it will effect the world within the next few decades. Overpopulation is a condition where the number of existing human outnumbered the carrying capacity of the Earth. There are many causes that lead to human overpopulation. Immigration, lack of family planning and decline in the birth rate are among the contributors to overpopulation which are getting more and more serious now. Increasing in population also leads our sources to an end especially the unsustainable sources. Hence, immediate actions and solutions for this matter need to be taken. Some of the solutions are by making people aware of family planning, developing the rural areas and ending the tax incentives. Most of the times, overpopulation is related to the escalation of birth rate. This problem can be solve by making people aware of family planning. Family planning is a method where people control the number of children they desire and gap between each births. This method is crucial as it prevent an individual from unwanted pregnancy. Not only that, it also helps to prevent HIV/AIDS. According to the United Nations Population Fund, an estimated 350 millions in the poorest countries of the world either not wanting their last child, not wanting another child or wanting space their pregnancies. However, they are lack of information regarding this matter since they have no knowledge on how to control and spacing their births. Therefore,
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