The Criticism Of Frankenstein

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The criticisms that are found in the novel of Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley are discussed by Sherry Ginn. Professor Sherry Ginn is the author who wrote the criticism in Frankenstein. She is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Women’s Studies Program at Wingate University in North Carolina. Sherry also teaches psychology at rowan- Cabarrus community college. She acquired her PhD in general experimental psychology from the University of South Carolina. She has been able to publish a book that contains the works of joss Whedon and also essays on science fiction television series including Doctor Who, Torchwood and Farscape. Sherry Ginn uses Frankenstein critique essay; science, science fiction or autobiography…show more content…
Ginn highlights different aspects that are taken away from Mary’s life. These aspects include the motherless child, the father rejecting the child, a grieving mother mourning for a dead child, a university student conducting wild experiments and the dreams of rekindling the life of a dead child (ginn, 2014). According to Ginn these aspects relates Frankenstein as an autobiography. The critics show that there are no enough reasons to refer the novel as a mere autobiography due to some reasons. Firstly, ginn shows that even though victor Frankenstein is an example of Shelley, the ending does not resent such an image. Secondly, despite the fact that Mary states the problem of parental abdication of responsibility it is not well explained that Mary intentionally accused her father for his attitude towards her as a child. The…show more content…
She argues that Frankenstein is an autobiography but in reality, she bases her critics on the fact that the novel is not a mere autobiography. I do not agree with the critics of Ginn that shows Frankenstein is not an autobiography. I base the novel as an autobiography because there are some aspects in the novel that corresponds to the life of Mary. The fact that Ginn argues that the novel cannot be autobiography because Percy Shelley did not get angry for being Frankenstein in the story it is not convincing, and it seem vague. I support Coulter who refers Frankenstein as a “cautionary story of bad parenting”. The main topic in the novel is bad parenting because monster became evil due to his father attitude towards him. His father was harsh to him he rejected and hated him because of his monstrous appearance. Just like an abandoned child, Monster is affected negatively such as being lonely, inadequate parental care, love, affection and understanding. The monster explains his actions by saying that “I am malicious because I am miserable. I am not shunned and hated by all mankind? You, my creator, would tear me to pieces, and triumph, remember that and tell me why I should pity man more that he pities me?”(ginn, 2015). Shelly’s novel is autobiography because Frankenstein is mostly the first story in the western literature to that expresses the anxieties of pregnancy this is because just one of her children survived from
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