The Criticism Of The Millennials

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Nowadays, younger generations are often criticized by older generations. This cohort of 20-somethings is called “The Millennials”, which are young people between 20 and 30 years old. This generation is used to hear the criticism of older people, who say that millennials are disrespectful, reckless, lazy and narcissistic. Although some of these facts may be true in some individual cases, when speaking in general terms these facts are not one hundred percent true. On a daily basis Millennials are asked the same type of questions, such as: “When are you going to get married? Or “When are you going to get your degree?” and also “When are you going to have children? This questioning never stops. Some people may judge them and say that they are the only responsible for their own acts since it is their problem only and not the problem of anyone else, and that they can difference right from wrong or can be mature enough so as to get a job or get married. But this might not be true at all, since millennials are influenced and affected by their environment and especially, the way their parents treated them when being mere children. They are persons that were defined by their context and the way their parents raised them. So, It could be said that their parents’ behaviour and attitude when they were children it’s a more strongly basis for explaining their characteristics. Then, we can say that in spite Millennials´ portrayal of a strong egocentric, reckless and disrespectful attitude,

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