Mordecai's Esther Role Model

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In the book of Esther, Esther role is secondary to Mordecai’s. In the story Esther is courageous and clever and shows great strength, however, her characteristics are downplayed when compared with Mordecai’s values. Lewis B. Paton, a scholar of the early twentieth century, viewed Esther as remarkable for her looks rather than for any abilities. As that Mordecai “supplied the brains while Esther simply followed his directions”. Other scholars () also Wrote that “[Esther is] pliant to the commands of Mordecai, …her weakness, her timidity, her modesty she can conquer through loyalty to the Cause, which is hers since it is her master’s”. Through this many see Esther as a woman without a mind, she viewed as a woman who needs to be controlled by man. furthermore, Esther role has also been degraded early in the book through the interpretation of the word “to be queen”. In which Hebrew this word can mean “to reign”. Scholar Carey Moore describes this choice as intentional, intended to reflect Esther’s lack of…show more content…
She models how to operate within the system in order to bring about social and political transformation (K.Beal, 1997). These actions would have been influential at the time of this story, many Jews didn’t return to Jerusalem after the decree which allowed them to return to their homeland (history). Esther is a role model, as she able to save people, even though she lived in a society controlled by men?
While Esther is a role model for the Jews is diaspora, she is also inspirational to Jewish woman today. We are living in a world where gender equality is a recurring issue for women, whether it is in the workforce, the media, education or on the streets woman still live a society where they aren’t treated equally (Cosslett & Baxter, 2013). In a world where 95% of countries are led by a male head of state, shows that Esther story can be relevant today’s society. Esther
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