The Critique Of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal

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Jonathan Swift’s reading shook many readers like me about this proposal. He really made his point that the Modest Proposal is possible if considered. However, the proposal was kind of doubtful that is was meant to be beneficial for both England and Ireland people. This report will explain Jonathan Swift’s real target, real message, and how poor is still a great disadvantage.
“A Modest Proposal” was not actually as modest as it sounds. Jonathan Swift’s came up with a good emotional reason of why the proposal wouldn’t be a bad idea. He explain that his real target for the proposal was to “prevent those involuntary abortions, and that horrid practice [or it's not a matter of] sacrificing the poor innocent babies…[or actually to] avoid the expense than the shame which would move tears and pity in the most savage and inhuman [ways]”(700). His explanation of wanting to help the poor families in Ireland from becoming a great stress to their parents or country. All that Swift was trying to do was to convince the reader that he cared about the Irish. Swift was part of the England side. He tried to emotionally touch the reader with compassion by making us understand that
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Yes, our poor are still in a disadvantage with education and crime. For example, the disadvantage on poor or no education at all on other places out of the U.S. Where parents need to pay for education and making education not an option. The biggest possibility that the child’s parents aren’t educated and that will make it even harder for parents to scaffold their child properly. Secondly, the disadvantage of poor security that will bring higher possibilities on crime. Poor families are need in finding of inexpensive areas that they can afford. This low income areas in where crime is higher bringing a great disadvantage. In where children can be exposed to this options in where they either become the victims or the

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