The Croods Anthropology Media Analysis

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The Croods: anthropology media analysis answers 1. The ancestral group the Croods belonged to were the Homo neanderthalensis also known as the Neanderthals. There are many firm reasons why the Croods belonged to Neanderthals, for example according to many anthropologists Neanderthals had short, muscular, and powerful bodies with larger faces and bigger brains and the Croods fit into this description of being a Neanderthals. Another reason why the Croods were Neanderthals because in the beginning of the movie it was show that the Croods live in a cave and as per anthologist they believe that Neanderthals used to live in caves also known as cavemen’s as it was mentioned by the Croods that they were cavemen. Last but not least the Croods were wearing basic clothing but nothing complicated which according to anthropologist Neanderthals were the first homo types to wear clothing. These are some reasons that Croods were Neanderthals. 2. Guy was introduced in the movie with…show more content…
Although this movie is very entertaining and educational, but there are some anthropological errors made for example according to anthropologist Neanderthals already used fire before Homo sapiens but in the movie it was shown that the Croods did not know of fire until guy told them about it. Another mistake is that a Neanderthal usually lived for approximately 30 years of age or maximum 35 years old but in this movie the grandma was shown way older than 30 year of age she had to be approximately 70 year of age. Also the Neanderthals lived in the ice age during cold environments but in this movie it was shown that the Croods lived in a hot environment. Another mistake in the movie was that the Croods did not use any type of tools to hunt for food but according to anthropologists Neanderthals did use some type of stone tools. Last but not least it was known that only the men hunted for food not the women but in this movie in the beginning it shows that he whole family went on the quest to find

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