The Crooked Man Analysis

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For this task, I’ve chosen the short story about sexual orientation called ‘The Crooked Man’ written by Charles Beaumont. As I’ve already stated in my appreciation of ‘The Cut-Glass Bowl’, I’m not a enormous fan of short stories. However, this one pleasantly surprised me. It’s a incredibly intriguing story, which I would love to read a sequel of. This story narrates one particular evening of a guy, called Jesse. The author mostly focused on his thoughts and emotions. Jesse lives in a world where being a part of the LGBT-community is the most common thing, being heterosexual is even illegal. The author gives the impression that the story will have a happy ending, that the queer protagonist Jesse and his girlfriend will live happily ever after. The truth is way worse: when his girlfriend Mina sneaks into a bar, dressed up as a guy, they’re busted and are both condemned to undergo the Cure. This is a program to heal heterosexuals of their disease. The Cure is a real cruel thing, it makes people believe they aren’t normal or have a malfunction. The author says: ‘Take out a few glands, make a few injections, attach a few wires to your head, turn on a machine: presto!’. The story implicates that your sexual orientation is a thing in your brain that can be changed, using the right medicine. I was quite sceptical about this statement, because in my opinion, there’s no need to clarify every thought and emotion with an anatomical explanation. On the web, I found a scientific
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