The Crotchet Mystery Series: Hooked On Murder By Betty Hatchman

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The Crotchet Mystery series is a set of novels by American novelist Betty Hechtman. The main character in the novel is Molly Pink that was first introduced in the first novel of the series, Hooked on Murder published in 1998. The series of novels are best classified as cozy mysteries. Molly Pink is leads an idyllic life as the events coordinator and community relations officer for Shedd & Royal Books, a local bookstore. Seeking some form of escape from her boring lifestyle, she attends a weekly crotchet group, where she has just discovered the joys of crocheting. When we are introduced to the protagonist in the first novel, Hooked on Murder, she has just began to learn the basics of crocheting with her new friends. The novel begins with an explosive introduction as Molly pink…show more content…
Hatchman’s chief protagonist, Molly Pink still has the same sharp mind that cannot help but notice patterns of trouble in her environment. What started as more of a hobby the Tarzania Hookers School of crocheting has become very popular with the classes drawing in a never-ending stream of crocheting adherents. Meanwhile Molly sees her new neighbors struggling with an ugly box monstrosity in their yard. Since she has yet to meet them, she does not think anything of it until she espies two people entangled on the balcony and what looks like a human form prostate on the floor. She immediately calls in Barry Greenberg, a homicide detective who is also her ex. To her amazement, Greenberg declares that there is nothing wrong at the neighbors, tells her to quit her amateur sleuthing and not to waste his time. Molly knows that it simply was not a case of her eyes playing tricks on her, but since she has no proof she has to continue with her detective work without professional help. She firmly believes someone in her quaint Tarzana neighborhood is guilty of

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