The Crucible: A Short Story

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A little girl, named Sophia walker, was given a small doll by her parents. The doll was gift from her great grandmother who had sadly passed on. Sophia was instantly unsettled by the doll, which has murderous black eyes which seemed to follow you around the room with an unfavourable grin on its face. Sophia, had the impression that she had to accept the doll, as she was well raised and didn 't want to upset her parents by not taking it. Her parents told her that the doll 's name was Suzie, which made Sophia even more scared of it. Sophia thought to herself that “It was just a doll and that there was nothing to worry about” so she put her mind to an ease. That night, before bed Sophia hid Suzie in the cupboard under the stairs, under some…show more content…
Sophia always kept the hall light on when she went to sleep becauses she was still a little scared of the dark. She could hear that someone was there but she could not see who it was. “Sophia, I’m on the first step….” the voice said in a deeper tone. Whatever it was, it returned to wherever it came from because all Sophia could hear was a branch rubbing against her bedroom window. She was too scared to sleep that night, she was scared that, the thing would come back. When her mum came to get her up for school the next morning, she tried to explain what happened, but her parents passed it off as “Just a bad Dream”. The next night, Sophia tried to stay awake but eventually drifted off, only to be woken again by the sinister voice, “Sophia, I’m on the fifth step” by now Sophia was balling her eyes with tears. The next night, Sophia decided to turn off the hall light and closed her bedroom door. Just as she was about to doze off she heard the voice again, “Sophia, I’m on the top step” Sophia was scared, she knew that her bedroom door was closed, but she was still afraid. Her heart pounded as she slowly got out of her bed to go investigate. As she reaches for the light switch at the top of the stairs she hears a voice that gives her chills down her back, “Hi
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