The Crucible Abigail Character Analysis

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Have you ever read the story or watched TV show that has heroes and villains? I think that everybody has heard about this kind of stories before. There are different characters in the story. Do you think that it is going to be fun if stories have just only hero or villains? No, I do not agree with that. It has to be balanced like people in the reality. Our world contains people. There are all kinds of people here. Good and bad people live together in one world. There are good people just when they were born or there are bad people because of the way they were treated. And from the plays of Arthur Miller that he wrote in the McCarthy era, the crucible. He created the major tragic character named Abigail in the plays. Abigail is a seventeen year old girl. she is one of the main antagonist character in the play. She is a strongly tragic character. She lives with her uncle named Reverend Parris. She is cruel and liar. She is an expert at lying and can…show more content…
I can feel that there is a background of her life that is miserable. She is an orphan and more than that is she saw Indian killed her parents by smashing their heads on the pillow when she was young. Can you imagine how hard is that? Young little girl cannot hold all of that by herself for sure. This might be the reason of all her action. In conclusion, I still think that Abigail from the plays of Arthur Miller that he wrote in the McCarthy era, the crucible is the most tragic and antagonist character. No one will forgive her, but while I was studying this, I have learnt something. The first things are, there is the cause of her action. The cause of why she is cruel and selfish and did all the bad things. The second thing is if people were a little bit calm down and think about what she said. Find the evidence before believe her word. Maybe this story would never
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