The Crucible Abigail To Blame Analysis

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In Arthur Miller’s book The Crucible, Abigail is the one to blame. This book took place in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. 1692 was a period of time where which trial took place, and in Arthur Miller’s book eighteen year old Abigail Williams is the blame behind it all. Abigail is lustful, arrogance, mendacity and is now the blame behind this story. Abigail’s flaw of lustful goes along with the affair that her and john proctor had going on at one point. As Abigail and john are having their own conversation with no one around, Abigail says to john “I look for john proctor that took me from my sleep and put knowledge in my heart” (miller 25). As Abagail is telling john this and making a point that she still wants to be with him, it shows lust coming from her. Another example of…show more content…
As Abagail talks to her uncle about what happened that night in the woods she says “we did dance, Betty was frightened and fainted” (miller 10). Abagail and the rest of the girls were dancing and casting spells and she’s trying to cover it up and lie to her uncle and tell him they were only dancing because that’s the only part he seen. Towards the end of the book when the hanging and blaming starts and the town finds out that her and john proctor has had an affair before, they realize all of the non-sense is Abagail’s fault just because she wants Hathorne and parris has a conversation, Hathorne says to parris “she has robbed you? Parris responds and says thirty-one pound is gone, I am penniless” (miller 132). As there talking about Abagail running away and steeling her uncles own money, it shows how mendacity she really is. Abigail is lustful, arrogance, mendacity and is now the blame behind this story. In the crucible she’s basically the town problem all around. She even says that john proctors wife, Elizabeth is a which so she can have john to herself. If it wasn’t for Abagail the whole Salem town would still be in
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