The Crucible Abigale Character Analysis

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In Arthur Miller’s Play, The Crucible, Miller demonstrated that it was Abigale Williams’ flaws, flaws such as lust, Vengefulness, and Jealousy. The book the crucible is based off of a town called Salem in Massachusetts. The town is well known because of their witch hunts they had in the 17th century. The witch hunts were mostly based off of suspicion, or because someone blamed someone of being a witch because he or she disliked this person. If you were accused of being a witch then your public image was ruined or put to death. Abigale was one of cthe main causes of the witch hunts. Abigale was corrupt and used the witch hunts for her advantage. She would use trickery for her advantage. One character flaw that Abigale had was Vengefulness. We see that Abigale is vengeful because she blamed people for stuff all the time. An example of her being vengeful is when she said “Goody Proctor always kept poppets”.…show more content…
You can tell that Abigale is very lustful early into the story because of her obsession of John Proctor. After John respected her, She makes up lies in court in order to get attention to herself and get people in trouble. Abigale was completely and utterly obsessed with John Proctor. Abigale tries to get John’s wife in trouble with the court by saying that she is a witch so she will be killed. She does this so John will be forced to leave his wife and increase her chance of being able to be with John. An example of how Abigale is lustful is “Gah! I almost forgot how strong you are, John Proctor!” She says that she knows how strong he was from when they were close. Abigale is using this statement in a flirtatious way to see what John thinks about her. Another quote that Abigale said to John Proctor to show how she is lusting for him is “John I am waiting for you every night.” She’s saying that she waits for John every night for him to come do stuff with her but John is not into her any
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